Powerful Positive Thinking

Open up a positive future for your children

Just imagine how your life would be if you had been taught to be a positive person from the moment you were born. Things would come effortlessly to you, you would attract all the money you needed, and influential people would always be there to support you.

Those born into privilege take all this for granted which is why life seems so easy for them and why they attract envy from those who feel less fortunate. There is of course no doubt that being born into the right family gives you a massive head start in life – but equally there is nothing to stop you from enjoying the same benefits.

It is all down to the way you think and more importantly, how you pass on those thoughts and feelings to your own children. As parents you are literally programming your own youngsters and telling them what is possible based on your own mind-set – and this is what they take on throughout life.

Even more damaging is that a pattern has been set because in time they will pass on the same thoughts to their children and so another generation becomes locked into lack of opportunity and attainment simply because of their parents.

The responsibility is with you to break the chain regardless of the way you were brought up. It is understandable that you want the best for your children and you will strive hard to deliver their emotional and material needs – so why do you set artificial limits for their future based on your own experiences?

Let’s be a bit realistic here. Not everyone is going to be famous, not everyone one is going to be a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon, not everyone is going to be a multi-millionaire, but with a positive mind set you can be the best in what is right for you.

As parents you have a responsibility to encourage your children to be positive because it is one of the finest gifts you can pass on to the next generation. Equally you need to explain the use of common sense, one of the key principles of Powerful Positive Thinking, to set personal life goals, combined with action to ensure that success comes more easily.

The earlier you can start this process the better because young children see everything in black and white. A strong positive mind set will equip them with the many pressures they face in life from bullying, social media scrutiny and more – but how can you succeed and face all this if you have been brought up to feel that life is limited by your own aspirations?

So where do we start? As a parent you may not feel very positive yourself so how are you going to change the lives of the young people around you if you are feeling negative all of the time? Good point, so if we are going to break the chain perhaps we should start first with you.

If we can turn you into a positive person you will want the same for your children and you would have discovered the secret that privileged families’ take for granted. There are many blogs on this website which explain how to overcome negative thoughts. You should also take our 30 Day Positivity Challenge and encourage your children to do the same.

You must also learn to love yourself, you must learn to lose damaging phrases such as we can’t afford it or this is not for people like us – yes it is – opportunity is there for everyone. You must see it as your right to a better life.

Every improvement will bring you more happiness and will seem like a lottery win and as your positivity increases it will rub off on your children and one by one you will be breaking those links in the chain.

It starts with you and it means a whole new future for your family.

If you want to break chains then check out our Powerthon area

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