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Positive Thinking and astrology

People frequently confuse positive thinking with astrology or similar methods of telling the future. It is not unusual for me to get requests from readers looking for divine guidance on the basis that I might be psychic or possess special powers and as I gently bring them back down to Earth, I cannot but feel that they are a little disappointed, but that said, there is little doubt of a strong connection between positive thinking, astrology and the sub-conscious mind

While I have always been attracted to astrology – I am a Gemini by the way – I have always believed that people make their own futures by practicing positive thinking and making it a way of life. When this happens, they are working with the Law of Attraction and this in turn provides everything they will ever need.

Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy astrology and when you have a personal forecast from a skilled practitioner, it can be surprisingly accurate. It may also come as a surprise to learn that you can effectively combine positive thinking to make your astrological forecast work for you in a more dynamic way by letting it work with your subconscious mind. This way you can change your astrology prediction.

I am no expert, but I believe that astrology identifies trends and patterns and if you work with these you can successfully plot a more fulfilling life. So, if the stars are suggesting for example, that you might be coming into a little extra money and you combine that forecast with some powerful positive thinking then you can change that astrology prediction and magnify your chances of success. You can literally change your horoscope.

Any astrologer worth listening to will always say that you have free will. This means you can ignore the bad stuff by offsetting it with positive thinking visualisations that show you overcoming your problems to change your horoscope. It works by programming your sub-conscious mind to make things happen by working with astrology and the Law of Attraction..

If the stars are telling you that you are facing a rocky patch in your love life then counter those trends by seeing yourself at peace with the person you most want to with. Identify the problems that may keeping you apart and seek positive thinking solutions. A word of caution here – you cannot force anyone to love you if the chemistry is not there – even the Universe is unable to fix that.

So why are astrology and positive thinking so effective? The short answer is action on your part. You see the forecast and it acts as a catalyst, especially if it is positive - and your mind begins to work overtime. You start to think what you would do with that extra money, how you can be a success, or how you can improve things with the person you love.

Without realising it you then start to do small things such as buying a bunch of flowers, possibly making a small wager, taking an extra training course. This is your way of helping the Universe deliver what you most desire. This is you choosing action to change your horoscope using astrology to work with your sub-conscious mind.

Everything starts with a thought and when you have faith and belief in that idea, then it begins to materialise as if by magic. This is the Law of Attraction doing its thing with a little help from you and your imagination.

If you are really focussed in terms of changing your life for the better, you can decide to stop taking advice from astrologers and start to take positive thinking a little more seriously. For it to really work you need to think about the person you are right now.

If you are habitually bad tempered, if you are a bit of a bully, if you are someone who is spiteful and likes to gossip maliciously behinds the backs of others – hope you get the idea – then positive thinking can never really work for you.

We all send out vibrations and if yours are outwardly negative then it does make it difficult for the Universe to do its work. Instead, try looking to be there for others, to practice being kind and more thoughtful - and then you are sending out a different type of vibration and the Universe will listen and act on your behalf.

But let’s get back to astrology for the moment. If it gives you the inspiration to make changes in your life then be sure to combine those planetary trends with positive thinking and action to turn those dreams into reality.

You really do have the power – so what’s holding you back?

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