Powerful Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is invisible

Positive thinking has plenty of critics. They see it as some kind of new age hokum, a prop for the vulnerable and those looking for hope. They cannot understand how a single thought can change a life; they fail to realise how positivity can alter outcomes for the better.

The problem with positive thinking is that no one can see it. For these modern day ‘doubting Thomas’s’ it is invisible – so in their minds - it cannot be real. These are people who choose to be selective in their ideas. They cannot see the air they breathe, but they have no doubt of its existence. They cannot see atoms, but they accept that they are all part of us – so what’s the difference?

For those of us that have experienced the power of positivity, we know by its very nature that it is based on faith, in many ways similar to that of religion. When you have that faith, it has been proven that you can achieve just about anything- but as most of us already know, there is a lot more to it than that.

It is not just about visualising positive outcomes, it is not about daily affirmations, it’s about choosing to be a better person. Positive thinking when totally embraced becomes a way of life and when you realise the potential it offers – then everything really is possible.

But what does this mean in practice. Let’s think about it for the moment. If you are a happy and open person then others are more likely to help you. If you are a grouch or a bully then you are someone to be avoided. You will not receive the cooperation or help that you need in quite the same way.

Positive people tend to be happier and more outgoing, so in turn they attract more friends, more opportunities and more of the good things in life. Those with an attitude, those who think the world owes them a living, drive everything away from them.

Positive people do not gossip behind the backs of others, they are instead supportive of friends and colleagues. These are the people that do not let others down, have strong principles, the kind you can go to for advice and help when needed.

Negative people are predominantly selfish and self-centred. They have no feelings for others unless they believe there could be a profit in it for them. They cannot be trusted and while they might make short term gains at the expense of others, karma will eventually catch up with them.

But what about all the good things in life that positive thinking is meant to attract - more money, better health, a decent relationship, success, a new job? The simple answer is that everything you desire can be yours, but if you are not a positive person by nature then it is all going to be an uphill struggle.

That’s why positivity has to be a way of life, faith that no matter what, all will turn out for the best, faith that you will always succeed regardless of the odds, faith that you will always achieve all of your goals.

When you are in this mindset you will accept that setbacks are merely a way accepting that the Universe wants you to change direction, you will know that you will learn from your mistakes and emerge stronger from the experience.

When you have totally embraced positive thinking, it is then when you can use the tools such as daily affirmations and visualisations. You can train your thoughts to realise your objectives and while you are in this positive mindset the Universe will be listening and getting ready to deliver your dreams.

This is the bit that is really invisible that the critics cannot see and will never understand. They find it impossible to comprehend that faith can move mountains to allow people to achieve their goals in life.

But just look around at all the successful and happy people you know. They have already embraced positive thinking to some extent and the more that such people accept the world and the potential it offers then good things automatically follow.

So, if you are ready to be a super powerful positive thinking person then take a look in the mirror. You can choose the type of person you want to be. Decide to choose positivity and you will have taken the first step towards attracting everything you need.

Of course - you will never see its power working quietly in the background, because it really is invisible - but you will know that it is there, you will feel its presence and support and little by little your life will be transformed.

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