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The signs of a toxic employee

Why would any company want to employ a negative person or a toxic employee? Research shows that people with this mindset consistently underperform and in extreme cases will frequently act like a virus, spreading bad feeling amongst the rest of the team.

The cost of a toxic employee can also be prohibitive. Most experts estimate that companies should factor in at least a third of that person’s annual salary – that’s the kind of money that will be lost having to replace that toxic worker and that is before you even consider the damage that they have already done to your business.

At the risk of stating the obvious, sensible employers should always look to hire people with a positive thinking outlook, but how do you tell what a person is really like at the interview stage. Even highly negative people can raise their game for an hour or two – just enough time to convince you they are the right person for the job.

It is a difficult challenge because most right minded people want to give an applicant the benefit of the doubt and almost certainly that person will be nervous because they want the job and are trying hard to make a good first impression.

So, what defines a negative person and how can a negative person affect you and what are the signs of a toxic employee or toxic employees (in case your business have many)? Everyone is different but there are a few simple rules you can try at the interview stage such as asking applicants about responsibility. Most negative people are pessimists and are at their happiest when they have something to worry about. Ask how they would react if something was causing a problem and see how they answer.

It’s also interesting to note that negative people hate to be outside their comfort zones so ask about creative solutions to potential challenges and check out the answers. You might also want to ask why problems occur in business and see if you get a list of complaints.

Negative people love to complain, they thrive on being unpleasant and in extreme cases they believe the world is against them. Ask the right questions and you will get an insight in to the mind of a complainer and if that is the reaction you are getting, then you know what to do.

Because of the way they are, negative people are frequently under achievers – they expect to fail and are never disappointed – which means that you don’t want them anywhere near your business. Positive thinking employees see challenges as opportunities which implies that they are more likely to succeed.

When you reach the end of the interview you should ask yourself how you feel. If you are sitting there thinking that all the energy has been drained from your body then you have been in the presence of a negative person – they have left you emotionally and physically exhausted and that’s what they will do to your company and the rest of your team.

So, what causes a person to be negative in the first place? For some it is the result of genuine depression or insecurity and this can only be handled by a medical professional, but for many others it is a lifestyle choice which has become a habit.

Studies have shown that this is not good for your health. Research has proved that you have a greater dementia risk and your ability to think is seriously diminished. However, if negativity has just become a habit, then it is possible to change. Websites such as this one at Powerful Positive Thinking offers plenty of advice.

There are also considerable benefits from being a positive thinking person. When you smile more, when you are more welcoming and open, it creates energy and this in turn means that you are going to be more productive at work.

How to deal with stress at work is no longer a problem because you are more focussed and able to deal with problems. In fact, because your brain is more stimulated you are better able to turn stress situations into opportunities, better able to work as part of a team and better able to succeed.

It means that positive thinking has several great benefits for a person’s career, but if this is not you, how do you get more motivated at work and how can you teach yourself to think more positively? It’s all about changing attitudes and recognising how you react to others.

This is particularly the case in meeting situations where you need to look carefully at the way you react to colleagues. If they are being critical of your contribution, it is probably not personal and should also be looked at in the context of what kind of day they might be having – so be kind and understanding. This will gradually help you change your mindset.

Make sure your life is not all about work. You need to have other interests and friends outside of the office or factory. You should also make sure that the people you mix with are equally positive so that others will not drain your energy.

Whatever you do **** happens from time to time. When setbacks occur, it is easy to become negative and these are the moments when you need to challenge your thoughts and seek solutions. Experience shows you that everything moves on in time.

Keeping a positive attitude can be challenging at times. Setbacks and disappointments occur periodically, and these can alter thinking and cause negative thoughts. These are strategies that can help you keep a positive mindset even in the face of the most difficult of challenges.

Simply accept your mistakes and you will find it easier to move on and for the person who pays your wages, it will be proof that he or she picked the right person for the job.

We have put together very good mindset tools and information called PowerThon. This is helping and has helped many people around work, helping them change and better their mindset. More importantly as a business, move toxic employees into a more happier, positive mindset workers.

Visit https://powerfulpositivethinking.org/powerthon to boost your colleague’s and business employee’ morale today - Its Free!

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