Powerful Positive Thinking

The wisdom of positive thoughts about life

It’s not easy to be positive all of the time but you can always have positive thoughts about life. We all know that life is not a constant and there are periods when it can be a real struggle when you have to make a conscious effort to tell yourself that difficulties will eventually pass.

No one is immune to these challenges, even people like me who write about this stuff. I recognise the challenges we all have to face each day and this is why I know it’s not wrong to question the wisdom of positive thinking when the going gets tough.

That said, positive thinking people come through the bad times more quickly, the scars are less deep because they see difficulties as part of the learning process and do not become embittered or negative as a result.

Everyone has their own ways of overcoming the bad times, but a bit of extra help is always welcome if my e-mails are anything to go by. Many of my readers also use what they call positive thinking jewellery or crystals for added support when the going gets tough.

Jewellery such as pendants and bracelets feature on a wide range of crystals that promote positivity and self-confidence, relieve anxiety, provide courage and much more – they also look good which makes them very popular. It’s something I embrace myself and understand the power they offer.

This article is about these kinds of things and how they help you remain positive, but it would be wrong if I failed to declare an interest here. Regular readers will know that all the content on my website is totally free – the blogs, the articles, the affirmations, the programmes, the posters and a whole lot more – all free – but like everyone else I still have to pay the bills.

That’s why I sell positive thinking jewellery, stuff you will not find on Amazon or anywhere else – using genuine crystals and not imitations. That’s how we cover our costs, but don’t worry – that’s the end of the sales pitch. Just check out the store for more information, if you want to, because this article is not about me – it’s about getting you that help to remain positive.

Crystals have been around for thousands of years and there is strong evidence that they are real source of healing and comfort. For those wanting to know more then please Google the subject – there are many great websites out there that go into much more detailed information.

Each crystal or semi-precious gemstone, offers a different benefit. Lodolite and Turquoise for example, are the stones of choice for people looking to be more positive. Aventurine and Citrine are said to attract wealth and abundance.

There are many other crystals that will help you with anxiety, will promote self-confidence. Red Jaspar for example is said to promote courage and was worn by ancient warriors as they went into battle.

They work by having something else to focus on. As humans we no longer worship statues but it helps if you have something in mind when you are trying to be positive. Many for example collect elephants which are said to be good luck and promote loyalty and understanding.

Fish symbolise good health, prosperity and happiness; four leaf clovers and Aloe Vera plants are also said to be lucky. Dream catchers, mushrooms, bamboo, tortoises and many more, all have their place in helping to promote positive thinking.

At this stage you may feel that this is all about superstition. How can an elephant or a crystal or a piece om bamboo possibly help you to become a more positive person? Good question, but in the end positive thinking is all about faith and belief.

It is about focussing your thoughts on a particular objective and believing that it can be achieved. It’s about action and being realistic. It’s about being happy and single minded to the point where powerful positive thinking becomes a way of life.

When this happen you are then ready for the odd curve ball which will ask you to question your belief in positivity and that’s when you can head all that negativity off at the pass by having an object or something tangible that you feel will protect and support you.

This feeling is older than religion and has been with us since the dawn of time. It means that positivity is there for all who wish to embrace it and I hope I have shown you that there is nothing wrong with calling in a little help from time to time.

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