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Welcome to our blog page. Here you will find dozens of different articles about positive thinking from author Michael Younge and every week we will be adding something new – so if you are looking for inspiration then you are in the right place.

Our blogs cover literally dozens of different subjects. We will show you how positive thinking can help you overcome yours fears and anxieties; how to stay positive no matter what, how positive thinking can help you become a more confident person, how positive thinking can help you attract wealth and abundance, better health and much more.

There are probably more positive thinking blogs on this website than anywhere else and if you are looking for something particular then please use the search box in the top right-hand corner to find just the right subject for you.

We divide our blogs into areas such as positive thinking motivation, positive thinking inspiration, positive thinking and self-esteem, positive thinking and happiness, positive thinking and self help as well as showing you how positive thinking works with the Law of Attraction to help you receive everything you want in life.

These are difficult times for many of us which is why we try to encourage our visitors to log in at least once a week for a little bit of motivation and positive support. Positive thinking is a way of life and when this is fully embraced then anything is possible.

Our blogs show you how to overcome anger issues and examine areas such as procrastination – the kind of things that keep you negative and prevent you from being a super positive person. We look at issues that may have occurred in your childhood and show you how to break those chains and enjoy everything that positive thinking has to offer.

This is why Powerful Positive Thinking is the ultimate positive thinking website – welcome.


Unravelling the Real Love Connection

Positive thinking is an incredible force that can reshape our lives, bringing forth happiness, resilience, and fulfilment. When we apply...

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  • Motivational

    Action and positive thinking

    Have you ever thought what positive action could do to improve your life? Have you discovered the real thrill of cracking a difficult...

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  • Happiness

    Everything is how it should be

    It might seem very hard to believe, but right now, at this precise moment, everything is exactly how it should be. That might be very...

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  • Self Esteem

    What’s wrong with being confident?

    We all know that feeling, that terrible moment when you walk alone into a crowded room, desperate to make eye contact with someone familiar.

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  • positive thinking black lady

    How Positive Thinking works

    You may have reached this part of our website via a link from another blog and will be wanting to know how Powerful Positive Thinking can...

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  • Positive Thinking

    Revenge or forgiveness

    Every time I write a blog about forgiveness and letting go of the hurt, it is like unlocking a Pandora’s Box. For some it seems that the...

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  • Motivational

    Achieving every goal you ever wanted

    Hey you! Yes it is you that I am talking to – that person sitting down right now trying to summon up the necessary energy to do something -...

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